rifles and shotguns

The embellishment of sporting guns and rifles has been the mainstay of this business. Following the centuries old techniques we aim to engrave your firearm to your style and taste. Whether that is exquisite fine English rose and scroll, large acanthus scroll, heavy-relief scroll work, game scenes or something as simple as initials on the stock oval we can supply the skills that will make your gun or rifle an individual thing of beauty that you will both treasure and be proud to own. As well as the embellishment of double guns and rifles, engraving on bolt-rifles is becoming ever more popular. Many hunters and stalkers are now choosing to have their rifles embellished and especially popular are heads of game animals or deer on the magazine floor plate. These look fantastic inlayed in 24k gold and any gold inlayed lettering on the rifle truly shines after the rifle has been blacked, creating something really special.

Being a 'custom' engraving workshop we can stick to traditional maker's patterns if that's what you'd prefer or we can create something totally unique. If you are having a new gun or rifle built and would like to commission Marcus Hunt as your engraver please let the gunmaker know before it reaches the engraving stage and he will be happy to work with them.


Custom, hand made knives are extremely collectable and have big following.  High end knives range in price depending on the maker and type and hand engraving also adds value and added collectability to the knife.  Marcus has engraved many of these knives in his career.  If you are considering having a custom knife engraved and are looking for an engraver Marcus would be pleased to give you a quote.

If you are looking for something that's not as expensive as a hand made knife but is 'just that bit different' from the run of the mill (either for yourself or for a special person in your life) then we may have the answer. There are now many high quality, factory made knives from the likes of Spyderco, Al Mar, Böker and William Henry (to name but a few) which lend themselves particularly well to engraving and that can be embellished to your specifications.


During the past few years Marcus has been working exclusively on building a luxury brand with Kindler & Thorpe watches. We take high end watches such as Rolex, Panerai, Patek Philippe, etc, and custom engrave them to exacting standards and extremely high quality. The watches can be themed or scrolled and clients’ requests or commissions are welcomed. We are happy to report that the Kindler & Thorpe brand has been extremely well received and has quickly established itself amongst discerning watch collectors. If you are interested in purchasing a high end, hand engraved watch we would be delighted to be of service; please contact Rui Watanabe at for further details.

Please note, due to the complexity and delicate engineering of these items we do not take on private commissions for clients’ own watches. Marcus works exclusively to KINDLER & THORPE. Kindler & Thorpe also give a warranty on all watches after engraving and reassembly which is something that, as an individual, I would be unable to do. If you would like your watch engraved please contact them using the above link.

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There are many different items that can be engraved or embellished in some way. The silver belt buckle that can be seen in the gallery is an example of turning an everyday object into something truly individual and unique. Although this picture shows English scrollwork, other types of scroll, animals or even logo's can be included. The lack of restriction of what can be incorporated in a design is the real beauty of hand engraving.

As well as belt buckles other items such as pens, jewellery, cuff links and signet rings can be engraved to your individual taste and requirements. With a few exceptions most kinds of metal can be engraved e.g. steel, silver, gold, copper, brass, aluminium, bronze, pewter, etc. Also, ivory and ivory substitutes can be scrimshawed. So whether you want a shotgun engraved, knife embellished or an item of jewellery personalised
contact us to discuss your requirements.